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Veduta: a window on the diversity of visual cultures

Within the Biennale de Lyon, Veduta explores the diversity of visual cultures. Veduta stems from the premise that contemporary art is not particularly difficult; the problem lies in the growing distance between work and audience. Contemporary art is not difficult, it’s just hard to find – and, more especially, to “live with”. Veduta bridges the gap.


Based on the title of this year’s Biennale, “A terrible beauty is born”, Veduta is staged from July to December 2011 with a wide range of local stakeholders across Greater Lyon: authorities (municipalities of Vaulx-en-Velin and Décines-Charpieu, City of Lyon, Greater Lyon), social centres and associations, etc.; and various cultural and artistic institutions (Institut Lumière, macLYON, Villa Gillet, Musiques en Scène, École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Lyon, libraries, etc.).


This year, Veduta is showcasing the cross-disciplinary nature of art in five acts, permeated by the core ideas of convergence and participation: the invitation to Yona Friedman; the artist residencies of Ernesto Ballesteros and Jarbas Lopes; the construction by local residents of a museum, Le Cube Blanc; a public pavilion called Le Kiosque; and a short-story competition.

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