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The 21st Century Museum by Yona Friedman

9 July 2011
Grand Parc Miribel Jonage/Plage du Fontanil


Deposit an object you want to share in the “Museum of the 21st Century”!

The ‘Museum of the 21st Century’ is an invitation to the public to come and exhibit, in an open and very lightweight structure, an object that they enjoy sharing.”

Yona Friedman

Initiated in 2000, “The Museum of the 21st Century” is a randomly-constructed collection of art. The inventory of the artworks will end in 2100 and yield a catalogue. The collection is hosted by a precarious, open and inexpensive piece of architecture designed by Yona Friedman.

Visitors can bring an item to the park for the exhibition, thus participating in the artist’s process. The contributions will be placed in the structure from 2pm onwards. A programme of music will accompany visitors throughout the day.

Items can be deposited from 4 July at the reception office of Grand Parc Miribel Jonage park,  and also all day on 9 July. Contributors may retrieve their items afterwards.

From October to December 2011, in the Sablon-Berthaudière district of Décines-Charpieu

The principle of Le Cube Blanc involves setting up a museum at the foot of the residential blocks in the Sablon-Berthaudière district, created by and for local residents, who will take turns being curators, mediators, production managers, attendants and visitors... From October to December 2011, the museum will host contemporary-art exhibitions devised by this residents’ group.


This project stems from the encounter between local residents, the Municipality of Décines’ technical services department, a social landlord (OPAC 38) and the Berthaudière Social Centre.




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