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In 2007, the Biennale de Lyon organisation reached a fresh milestone in its drive to open its productions to the local business community – and SMEs in particular – and thus complement the structural role played by its main partners.

This rationale has yielded the Biennales de Lyon Club, which aims to enable local and regional SMEs to support high-quality artistic events, in order to instil a new vibrancy and build ties between the worlds of culture and business.
Encourage artistic creativity, develop cultural exchanges, knit culture and business, and transform business leaders into Biennales “ambassadors” – these are the objectives pursued by the Biennales de Lyon Club. Its point of difference? Enabling SMEs to support two leading cultural events, the Biennale of Contemporary Art and the Dance Biennale, through easily accessible levels of patronage.


Its value added?

- Promoting year-round exchange between corporate patrons through original cultural experiences: exhibition preview tours, audiences with art-world personalities, discovering the Venice Biennale, etc.

- Proposing creative PR operations for patron-companies’ employees and clients, such as: raising awareness to contemporary art in the workplace, staging private evening functions at La Sucrière in collaboration with the restaurant of Michelin-starred Nicolas Le Bec, which will open at the same time as the Biennale.:

Catherine Verbruggen, manager, Biennales de lyon Club.


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Catherine Verbruggen

Responsable du Club de la Biennale de Lyon



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