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Form a group (20 people at most) and come to experience the Biennale with a cultural mediator (guide). For works’ councils, associations, groups of friends or families, guided tours are a great way to connect with today’s creative scene.


The guided-tour format, based on conversation and sharing perspectives, brings you unusually close to the exhibits, and thanks to the mediator, offer the opportunity to really discover the world of contemporary art.


Booking required: call +33 (0)4 27 46 65 66 or write to

pARTage Tour

Share your exhibition tour with a mediator who helps you discover the artworks and enriches your visiting experience.

Venues: La Sucrière, Musée de l’Art Contemporain, or T.A.S.E. factory


Tour duration: 1hr30

Price:  €100 + €9 per person

Tour of two venues: 3hrs

Price: €150 + €9 per person

River Tour

A combined tour of the Musée de l’Art Contemporain and La Sucrière that blends the satisfaction of discovering more artworks with the pleasure of a Rhône boat ride through central Lyon.


Duration: 3hrs + 1hr boat trip

Price: €150 + €9 per person

Weekends only

Aperitif Tour

After a guided tour of La Sucrière or the Musée de l’Art Contemporain, continue the conversation in the mediator’s company, over a drink in a pleasant setting.


Duration: 2hrs

Price: €100 + €9 per person + price of drink per person (to be decided)

Family Tour

Youngsters and grown-ups team up for an inter-generational tour, to compare and contrast their viewpoints.

Age range: 6 and over.

Venues: La Sucrière, Musée d'Art Contemporain, T.A.S.E. factory

Duration: 1hr to 1hr30

Price: €100 + €9 per adult - free for under-15s

Tailored Tour

Visitors needing specific requirements and adapted tour trails, because of disabilities or issues to do with the original nature of the group, are invited to contact the public department so that together we can devise a tour to suit you.


Duration: depends on group

Price: from €50 to €100 + ticket (at applicable price)

Sign Language tours can be booked (interpreting at group’s expense).




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